Sussex IX Training

Our four-year training programme, Sussex IX, started in October 2014 and is now in its fourth year.  It takes place in Ditchling, in East Sussex over a period of 40 training days per year and meets as four-day and six-day segments. As with all of our trainings, Sussex IX is fully accredited by the Feldenkrais European Training Accreditation Board.

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Sussex IX Year 4 Dates:

6-9 October (4 days) year 4 days 1-4, training days 121-124
24-27 November (4 days) year 4 days 5-8, training days 125-128 - Adastra Hall, HASSOCKS
17-22 January (6 days) year 4 days 9-14, training days 129-134
21–26 March (6 days) year 4 days 15-20, training days 135-140
23–28 May (6 days) year 4 days 21-26, training days 141-146
18-23 July (6 days) year 4 days 27-32, training days 147-152
3-6 August (4 days) year 4 days 33-36, training days 153-156
14-17 September (4 days) year 4 days 37-40, training days 157-160


The more i know about this work, the more I appreciate how much there is to know. I am grateful to Garet for providing us with an excellent, well thought out and structured course so that we receive a solid grounding in the method. I also value that all the learning is through direct experience, whether receiving awareness through movement sessions, hands on one-to-one work and small group work when learning to teach. Garet is a very clear, experienced and capable trainer and the guest teachers have all been inspiring in their different ways.

Sussex IX Student

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